Photos: Week Five

Never, at the start of a mad mustache mission such as this, never did we imagine how obsessed we'd become about a few little hairs. And now that we're in the final week, we here at 826 Valencia confess to a tear or two rolling down our sad cheek.

No more: how do you drink Guiness without looking like a hirsute milk model?
No more: Who has mocked you? Well, what do they know. You are sporting a 'stache now and it does look good. Of course you should keep it. Of course.
No more: Hey, are you a Frieda Kahlo look-a-like?

What better chat-up line? What better dinner-party gambit? What better way to celebrate 826 in all its hairy glory? But the mission is complete, the farming over. We've raised much more than the $10, 000 we were hoping for - and that is in a large part due to those farmers who've managed to go far beyond their individual $500 goal. Charles, Adam, Steve: you are the men amongst the boys. Everyone of course has done their bit, and we're thrilled to be able to reward their painstaking pogonotrophic efforts with fun t-shirts and a party.

Yes, a party. The Onion newspaper is helping 826 Valencia throw a bash for these 18 fabulous folks. Next Tuesday, June 5th, at 12 Galaxies, all are welcome to come meet our farmers in the flesh, to stroke their 'staches, and to judge for themselves who has the Frieda Kahlo and who the Che Guevara.

Until then, y'all, keep smiling. Because, afterall, the world is a fanstachestic place.

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826 Valencia is a 501(c)3 organization and all donations are tax deductible. For donations over $25, you'll receive the tax ID number by mail as the competition draws to a close.

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